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Who and What is Noob Technology?

Noob Technology is a start up based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. We are not the typical hot shot entrepreneurs, just guys who want to do it right and be Noobs in the process.

Our method is to create "different" products by applying unexpected combinations of (sometimes very) diverse, but proven, technologies.

We are Jacks of All Trades, Masters of None - BUT we know how to source these skills and our adding our ability to see the synergetic benefits of these skills and technologies.

More specifically, our Credentials in the Analog Turntable world are next to none existent- and we like it this way. We are not bound / guided / limited by established practices. Our products need, and will, speak for themselves.

To avoid being completely off the wall, we consult with benchmark Aalt Jouk van den Hul on the essentials.

The Philosophy for The Heretic 1 Project: instead of trying to compensate for the mechanical shortcomings of the Record, we decided to "tame" the record first, so that the other components, especially the Tonearm and the Cartridge, can do their work more easily- read: giving a better performance!

This has resulted in the Heretic 1, a turntable with a couple of world firsts and some very nice re-boots of abandoned features.

Noob Technology:

The Highest Note in High Fidelity

Coolsingel 71

3012 AE Rotterdam

The Netherlands


+31 648 22 11 32

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